Winter Has Arrived!
Winter Has Arrived!
Winter Has Arrived!
Have you ever been to Perm, the first city of Europe (as many locals like to call it!)? Have you ever enjoyed the beauty of the ancient Ural Mountains?

A city of almost 1,000,000 “souls“, (similar in size to Birmingham UK), is situated on the east bank of the Kama river with the Ural Mountains about three-hour drive further to the east, Perm is often described as an industrial centre, but do not be deterred from visiting as this description does not paint a true picture of the city or of what is a very beautiful and largely unspoiled area of central Russia. It is a vibrant city, a city of much diversity, a city where all tastes are catered for, whether you like outdoor pursuits or you prefer something more cultural Perm has something for everyone.

Our tours:
We fully recommend this trip to anyone with an interest in Russian history, its great landscape and the outdoors.
The Gulag Museum at Perm-36 is dedicated to promoting democratic values and civil consciousness in contemporary Russian society through the preservation of the last Soviet political camp as a vivid reminder of repression and an important historical and cultural monument.

Unique Tour.
A new and thrilling experience with access to Soviet secrets!
Shortened variant of "Ural Ring Maximum" tour.

Due to short day light time visiting the Belogorsky monastery becomes useless. It is usually closed after 5 p.m. in winter