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Manuel, Angela und Salome

November 23, 2016

Russian Immersion.

Being one of the most experienced travel agency in the Perm region "Evrasia" organizes not only the traditional excursions and tours, but also makes individual routes in different directions.
Earlier this year, we received a request from our partners to organize a trip for a group of tourists from Switzerland who would like to ”dive” into the real Russian life, usually hidden from the mass tourist. And we did it!
So, in October, additionally to excursions to Architectural and ethnographic museum Khokhlovka and Kungur Ice Cave our Swiss guests spent three days in real Russian village. They milked the goat and then made cheese, cooked "kholodets”(meat jelly) and baked bread in this Russian wood-burning oven. We were warmly welcomed everywhere: in the village school, and church, and in the local museum, as well as on the farm. The experience of Russian banya for our guests was also new.

And now the word of Manuel and Salome.

"As promised we sent you our feedback of our stay in Perm area:
For us it was really perfect and it gave us an idea of russian life at the countryside, which was very interesting.
We have to say we didn't know what to expect and can't really compare it because usually we never book arrangements like this. But we were positively surprised and liked it very much. Especially that it was authentic and normal life based and that you always translated for us.
Best wishes!

Manuel, Angela und Salome"