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June 19, 2017


it was totally worth the money, because for this I came to Perm. For years I've been interested in Russian history and I was glad to see how well the camp is preserved although I've read somewhere that it's an endangered site that needs maintainance to stay on the UNESCO heritage list. Let's hope so, because it's an awful but essential part of Russian history that must not be forgotten.

Sometimes it's difficult to see what is original, from which period and what's rebuild or renovated and which stories happened in Perm 36 and which in other Gulags. There was a lot to see and the tour went very quickly, but due to the translation I got a clear insight of the museum.

Luckily the weather was good, and Azat and Gregory are great guys who made me feel comfortable through the whole tour. I will definitely recommend Evrasia, whenever I can.

Best regards,
Mark van den Steen