“The Revenants”… or Survival School 20 years later.
29 June 2016

Once upon a time, for more than 20 years ago "Eurasia" began organization and conduct of tours titled "The Survival School", dedicated to the adaptation of modern inhabitants of civilized countries to the skills of survival in the wild.

During the tour guests from the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, spent nights in a tent buried in snow at -20 degrees, cross-country skiing, learned to cook over an open fire, and to overcome other difficulties of Russian winter.
And now, years later, our "survivors" are back! At the beginning of 2016 tourists from the Netherlands Harm and Inge again came to the Urals, and not alone! With them were their three children, who, following the example of their parents, wanedt to test their strength in the harsh winter in Russia. And, like 20 years ago, with them were our professional guides Vladimir Permyakov and Irina Kolesova.

Inge wrote:.
"Our Russia trip:
We took the train from Moscow to Pashija, 26 hours, a great experience. Arriving on time, we had a very warm welcome from our guide Volodja and our translator Irina. They took us with a minibus to our nice cottage, and like in real Russian winter, we were stocked in the snow for 2 times. The cottage was very primitive, that means no wifi, no mobile phone, no flushing water. But it had a great view, a lot of snow and banja every day!
We spend 4 days in our new home and had fantastic days with cross country skiing, walking, climbing into a cave and a lot of fun in the snow. It was just full with action, relaxing, enjoying, laughing, talking, having fun and so on, jut terrific.

On our way back to Perm we visited a stone museum and Perm36, especially the last we wouldn’t forget easily. The last day we spend our time in Perm, looking at the ice sculptures, riding on a snow scooter and visiting our old and new Russian friends at home.

Alexander thanks for organizing the trip. Volodja and Irina thanks for the wonderful days! We really enjoyed it. And we are already hoping to come back one time.

Kind regards,
Harm, Inge, Pasha, Priska and Onno."

For all "Evrasia" team it was just incredible to meet our Dutch guests again. We are keen to greet all our tourists!