Project RAFT
6 December 2017

Project RAFT - first big Evrasia Travel Bureau international project.

In 1989, a group of tourists from the United States came to the city of Perm which had been closed for foreigners. It sounds like the beginning of a fantastic film, but it was just like that. RAFT meant – Russians and Americans For Teamwork.

Project RAFT contributed to a sustainable future by promoting an archive model of cooperation among nations. The model manifested itself among people in a raft, on a remote wilderness river. Project RAFT illuminated and fostered this natural model of cooperation, by putting people from different cultures in the same raft. A seething white water rapid, symbolic of the risk we all live with, demands that these people set aside their differences, and work together to survive.

Project RAFT and Evrasia Travel organized and sponsored river rafting exchange programs in the USA, the Soviet Union and other nations around the world.

Look what we found in archives! That is #22 of "The Soviet Ural" documentary almanac dedicated to that historical event. Enjoy your watching.