Competency confirmed!
11 April 2019
56640203_2384282744951870_4427247959389765632_o.jpg56819034_2384282791618532_3844895194856030208_o.jpgThis week Evrasia Team went to the “Memorial Museum-Reserve of the History of Political Repressions“ Perm-36 ”, in order to pass competency test as guides.

Certification was carried out in the form of a large sightseeing tour: each guide told about a building, exhibit, event or a person. The rest acted as tourists, sometimes complementing the story and asking questions.

Now, after certification two members of Evrasia Travel - Alexander Shchepetkov and Azat Safaryan have become official guides on sightseeing tours of the former correctional and labour colony.

Photos by Наталья Аксентьева