Perm-36, the GULAG museum
The Gulag Museum at Perm-36 is dedicated to promoting democratic values and civil consciousness in contemporary Russian society through the preservation of the last Soviet political camp as a vivid reminder of repression and an important historical and cultural monument.

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Type excursions (memorables of culture, history, religion)
Duration 5 - 6 hours
Availability all year round
Individual price per person (€) 185
Individual price per person (2-3 persons) 110 / 90
Individual price per person (4-6 persons) 80 / 70 / 65
Tourists more than 6


History of Russia in the 20th century is full of curious features, cruel milestones, and remarkable events, some of which never happened anywhere else in the world.

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The Soviet forced-labor camp system of Stalin Era known as the Gulag is notorious for its victims. A lot of convicts, from petty criminals to political prisoners, suffered there. One of such camps was located near the village of Kuchino, 120 km northeast of the city of Perm. It's mostly known as the Museum of the History of Political Repressions Perm-36.


In this museum you'll get to know the realities of prisoners' life of that historical period and learn more about the history of the USSR. The atmosphere in Perm-36 is so unique! Most tourists, who have special interest in Soviet political repressions, admit that the spirit of labor camps there is much more remarkable than even at Solovki prison camp. 


What's also interesting is that lately there has been a big hype about the museum. It had been getting prepared to become a World Heritage Site, recognized by the UNESCO. But the local authorities didn't provide enough financial support to the camp. Vladimir Putin himself demanded to save the museum, but the problems haven't stopped... Do you want to know the continuation of the story? Come visit Perm-36!

Note: the tour can be started right from the train station in case of arrival and departure in one day with at least 8 hours stopover. Admission is included.

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