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Star Wars in Starry Settlement
Unique Tour.
A new and thrilling experience with access to Soviet secrets!
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Type excursions (memorables of culture, history, religion)
Duration up to 4 hours
Availability all year round
Individual price per person (€) 160
Individual price per person (2-3 persons) 85 / 75
Individual price per person (4-6 persons) 60 / 55 / 50
Tourists 4-6


"Star Wars in Starry Settlement”

A new and thrilling experience with access to Soviet secrets!

Former rocket officers who controlled part of Russia’s nuclear arsenal conduct the guided tours of the old Missile Division Headquarters.
During the cold war, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) developed contingency plans for the outbreak of nuclear war with Russia. These plans called for several nuclear attacks to be launched on the territory of Perm Region. The prime target was the «Zvezdny» (“Starry” in Russian) settlement, a base of Russian intercontinental nuclear missiles, which were believed to contain nukes aimed at the largest cities in Europe.

Recently the area has become open to foreign tourism with a museum showcasing the headquarters in an underground bunker. One of the first foreigners to visit the restricted headquarters of the 52nd Missile Division was the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, a senator at that time.

This is one of the few places in Russia where everything can be viewed with one’s own eyes, including the very “red button”. Just one push could turn Paris or London into the radioactive desert.

Memorable photographs will leave your friends jealous!