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How to book with us?

1 — choose a trip you like most of all.

2 — contact us in any convenient way: fill our website form, Facebook, e-mail, send a message via WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram to the number +79124901977

3 — please, wait for confirmation. Usually, it takes a short period of time – from a few minutes to 4 hours. However, this waiting period might be expanded if your request is for reservations for personalized services such as theater tickets or museum entrance. Anyway, we do our best to respond you ASAP. We also discuss all necessary details such as appropriate time, place of pick-up etc.

Please, note: no prepayment needed. All payments can be done after the tour in cash (roubles / dollars / euro) or PayPal.

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Evrasia Travel is a travel company located in Perm (Perm krai). Being the oldest non-state tourist firm in the region, founded in 1988, Evrasia always uses its experience in providing our tourists with high quality services. Evrasia has its own apartments for tourists’ accommodation, own tourist equipment, representatives in Moscow. All the tours are leaded by experienced guides and interpreters that is a guarantee of a high level of quality and safety.

We heartily welcome you to visit Perm and Perm krai! We love our city and region and are sure to pass our passion to you.

Perm is not far from Moscow and other main transportation hubs. So, it takes only 2 hours by plane to get to Perm from the capital. And your trip may become a good way to spend a weekend or short holidays.

Perm is far beyond Moscow and other promoted places of interest and touristic attraction in Russia. As we used to say, it opens Another Russia.

Perm is rich in experience it may share: from unique collections of fine arts and renowened opera and ballet to heavy (in all meanings) heritage of industrial era. When we say "ancient mountains" it literally means "they remember dinosaurs": the Permian period is a substantial time in the life of the Earth, and it took place right here, now forming all the natural treasury and uniqueness of the region.

City Tour

Ethnographic Open Air Museum

Cungur Ice Cave + Cungur Town Tour + Belogorsky Monastery  

Perm is now ready to open the darkest pages of its history which are inextricably linked with such notions as GULAG and repressions, and we have the opportunity to investigate them on site.

Perm-36 (GULAG Museum) + Ethnographic park Chusovoy

Perm-36 (GULAG Museum)

Perm used to be a stronghold during the so-called Cold War, and now foreign tourists may visit the remains of the missile base.

Star Wars in Starry Settlement

Perm is bright and specific in its culture mix, cuisine and traditions.

Cooking class in a Soviet flat

And all these interesting, sparkling, thrilling, terrifying, amuzing, inspiring and tasty experiences are open to our tourists.

project raft


Evrasia Travel is the most exciting way to see another Russia!

For whom are our tours? 
— for those who is keen to see real Russian life away from widely promoted tourist gems like Moscow or St.Petersburg;
— for those who travels to Moscow or St.Petersburg, but want to adorn the trip by something special;
— for those who travels along the Transsiberian railroad and wish to make an intermediate stop on the way;
— for expats who work in Russia and desire to jump out from noise of the big cities;  
— for those, who would like to explore the wild Russian nature: virgin forests, beautiful rivers, old small villages and the beauty of endless Ural Mountains.

ural mountains

What tours do we offer? Please click http://permtours.com/our_tours/ for details. 

perm at night

But if you have your own ideas how to spend time in Perm and make trip unforgettable we’ll do our best. Just because we are flexible.

You may decide how and when to travel. Pack in as many activities and places as possible and not to forget to add some time for relaxation on your own terms. And we will combine our tours (shake, not stir!) in different variants to make sure that it is comfortable for you. 

Just feel certain that your trip will be tailor-made, exciting and safe!

Usva river

For more detail, please, don't hesitate to address directly to Evrasia Travel Agency