Permtours - traditions of quality
29 August 2017
Being the oldest non-state tourist firm in the region, founded in 1988, Evrasia always uses its experience in providing the tourists with high quality services. All the tours are leaded by experienced guides and interpreters that is a guarantee of a high level of quality and safety.

We are proud to state that in 1996, Evrasia was the first Perm travel agency mentioned in Lonely Planet quidebook (Lonely Planet is the largest travel guide book publisher in the world).

In order to popularize Perm region, Evrasia has accompanied authors of travel books, such as the well-known American author Paul Theroux, who in the book "Ghost Train to The Eastern Star" dedicated the lion's share of Russian chapters to Perm.

And now we again proved conformance to high quality standards. Evrasia listed again in Lonely Planet and it was recommended as Top Choice Adventure in Perm.

So Evrasia Travel is still the most exciting way to see another Russia!

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